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Granular “A”

A mixture of sand and crushed / round stone. Particle sizes no larger than 1 inch. Granular A is a finishing material for driveways, roads, parking lots and walkways.

Granular “B”

A mixture of sand and round stone. Particle sizes up to 4 inch. Granular B is a sub-base material, primarily used as a foundation for roads, parking lots and driveways.

Recycled Granular

Concrete and asphalt crushed to a Granular A or Granular B specification. Used on roads, driveways and parking lots.

Granular A
Granular B

Recycled Asphalt

Similar to Granular A in size. Made entirely from reclaimed asphalt and processed with a crusher. Used on roads, driveways and parking lots.

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Crushed Stone

Used for drainage, pipe bedding, landscape ground cover and driveways. Ranges in sizes from 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

1/4" - 1/2" Crushed Stone (HL3)
1/4" -3/4" Crushed Stone (HL4)
1/4" - 1" Crushed Stone (HL8)
5/8" - 1" Crushed Stone
(3/4" or 19mm)

Pea Stone

Used for drainage, bedding and landscape ground cover. Ranges in size from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch.

3/8" (19mm)

Round River Stone

Used for drainage, landscape ground cover. Range in size from 1”-2” , 2”-4”, 4”-10”.

3/4" - 1.5" Round
1" - 2" Round
2" - 4" Round
4" - 10" Round
10"+ Oversized decorative boulders and larger stones are also available.

Chip / Dust (Screenings)

Fine mixture of crushed stone dust and chips up to 1/4 inch in size. Use as a base for walkways and pavers.

Crushed Brick

Reddish in colour and used in driveways, landscaping and ground cover. The screened dust can also be used on ball diamonds and pathways. Sizes are: 1" minus and 1/2" minus.

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As the name implies, used primarily as backfill. Not a screened or processed material. Size of particles varies but is generally fine in nature.

Bedding Sand

Screened coarse sand with particle sizes up to 1/2 inch. Used under walkways, interlocking pavers, stones and as trench or pipe bedding.

Brick Sand

Finely screened sand with particles no larger than 4 millimetres. Used as a mortar mix. Also works well in sandboxes and play areas.

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Soil and Mulch

Screened Topsoil

Commercial Grade
Screened to 1/2 inch. Used for seeding, lawns and sod, new bed or berm construction. Brown in colour. Heavy loam; retains moisture well.

Residential Grade
Screened to 1/2". Used in new flower bed construction or planting areas. More black than commercial grade. Sandier and lighter loam.

3-Way Blend

A mixture of black loam (70%), compost (20%) and topsoil (10%) screened to 1/2 inch. Use as an enrichment to blend with soil in vegetable gardens and flower beds.

Dyed Woodchips

Ground hardwood chips dyed black or red. Use as a ground cover in gardens or flower beds.

Black Woodchips
Red Woodchips

Cedar Mulch

Ground cedar bark used as a ground cover in gardens and flower beds.

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