As one of the heavy civil contractors in this region, J-AAR Excavating has very extensive experience in a variety of established services, as outlined below. J-AAR has achieved its success by establishing an unparalleled record of flexibility and dependable service.

Our company also holds a Certificate of Authorization for the provision of engineering services. We have performed a number of Design/Build development projects with full responsibility for the design, approvals and permits for the civil components. Most importantly, our company is very strongly committed towards health and safety as well as the protection of the environment on all projects.

Sewer and Watermain

Storm, sanitary, and water utilities for government infrastructure and private contracts. 
I.E. municipal reconstruction contracts, water pipelines, subdivision services, parking lot drainage, etc.


Road and Parking Lot Construction

Full service construction of roads and parking lots from the sewers all the way up to the painted lines.


Industrial, Commercial and Institutional

All civil works associated with building construction.  I.E. Sewers, excavation and backfill of foundations, cut and fill, granular placement for buildings and parking, landscaping, etc.


Earth Works and Grading

Heavy earth moving and grading of site.  I.E. Subdivisions, SWM ponds, landfill cells, golf courses, ditching, etc.


Subdivisions and Housing

Civil subdivision works including: Sewers and watermain; earth works and grading, basement excavation and backfill; SWM ponds; lot grading, topsoiling, and driveways; pools; etc.

Shoreline Erosion Control/Armour Stone

Providing erosion control solutions to public and private clients. Options include armour stone, sheet piling, concrete, various combinations of aggregates.


Environmental clean-ups, slope stabilizations, storm channel/waterway construction and rehabilitations, gravel pit/quarry rehabilitation, haulage and disposal of wastes, etc.


Snow Plowing

Snow plowing, snow removal offsite, and spreading salt or salt sand.



Capabilities to design and build civil infrastructures with in-house engineering department.



Demolition and removal of debris of small to medium sized buildings.  We will recycle as much of the construction materials as we can.  We specialize in concrete and block buildings.



Competitive hourly and daily rates for small or design-as-you-go projects.


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