The John Aarts Group has an extensive portfolio of projects in a diverse group of market areas including road construction, industrial and commercial civil works, government infrastructure, sewers and watermain, earth works and environmental clean-ups. Construction projects are generally performed by the Construction Division, J-AAR Excavating Limited.



Gordon Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation
City of London, Ontario - 2009

Reconstruction of Beachwood Avenue in London between Ridgewood Crescent and Southcrest Drive, including the replacement of all underground sewers and water infrastructure for a length of approximately 430 metres. The replacement of the existing 1050 mm diameter sanitary sewer with a new 1350 mm diameter sewer, required continuous bypassing of flows which was accomplished through a system of 4-300 mm diameter bypass pumps including 100 % redundancy for base flows. Another  major challenge on this project was the space limitation given the depth of the existing trunk sewer (5.0 metres). A temporary water supply system was used to partially address the space constraints during construction of the new sewers and 300 mm diameter watermain.

Whiting Creek Trunk Sanitary Sewer, Watermain and Road Reinstatement
Town of Ingersoll, Ontario - 2009

Construction of a 600 mm diameter sanitary trunk sewer across Whiting Creek for a total length of apprx. 1300 metres. The project included extensive dewatering by well points, bypassing of creek flows with all associated environmental ramifications, crossing of a private golf course, one road crossing by jack and bore, as well as 450 meters of 300 mm diameter watermain with all testing, disinfection and connections to existing systems.

Strathroy Caradoc Watermain
Strathroy, Ontario - 2005

Construction of a 600 mm dia. concrete pressure feeder main from areas north of Egremont Drive to the Town of Strathroy. Project included crossings of bell and hydro utilities, as well as oil pipelines. Crossing under highway 402 was accomplished through jacking and boring techniques.

Huron Park Servicing
Huron Park, Ontario - 2004-2006

Replacement of the existing town infrastructure in its entirety. The project was two years in duration and required four work crews with a weekly payroll of $150,000.00 in labour and equipment. All road surfaces and grassed boulevards were replaced at completion of the project.

Installation of Chilled Water pipelines, 3M Canada
London, Ontario - 2000

Supply and Installation of 700 meters of 300 mm dia. HDPE cooling water pipelines and corresponding building connections. Also performed various maintenance and retrofit projects, including watermain relocations and drainage improvements.





Talbot Line Rehabilitation
Municipality of Central Elgin, Ontario - 2009

Road drainage improvements for approximately 15 kilometers of highway # 3 west of Talbotville. The project included installation of approximately 20 drainage culverts by trenchless methods, 115 metres of culvert remediation by slip lining, as well as extensive storm sewer improvements. All road side ditches were reconstructed and / or shaped with a rototilt attachment on a hydraulic excavator. A substantial electrical subcontract included installation of new electrical infrastructure, lighting and traffic signals. This project was demanding on the requirements for long term formal traffic control.


CP Pretripping Facility
Woodstock, Ontario - 2006-2008

Construction of a rail spur line and pretripping yard to fulfill the commitment by Canadian Pacific Railway to provide rail service to the new Toyota plant in Woodstock. Major highlights include:

           1. Crossing of Pittock Reservoir – a long span prefabricated steel bridge was required for the crossing. Oversize cranes and lifting techniques were employed for this process. The

               environmental concerns and time constraints for working in the water had to be dealt with.

           2. Grading: Approximately 450,000 m3 of material was excavated and used in fill areas along a length of 3 km of new rail line and yard.

           3. Construction of a stormwater management facility, including landscaping.

           4. Construction of an embayment facility adjacent to Pittock Reservoir as an enhanced habitat compensation measure.

           5. Three buildings including one personnel office building were part of the project.


Airport Road Widening - Contract A
City of London, Ontario - 2005

Construction of 2 northbound lanes on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway (formerly Airport Road) from Hwy #401 to Gore Road. This project included approximately 75,000 m3 of earth grading, 1.0 km of 600 mm diameter PVC Watermain and appurtenances. In addition to asphalt paving and concrete curb and gutter, the project had an extensive component of electrical infrastructure and street lighting.


Oxford Street Extension
City of London, Ontario - 2002-2003

Construction of an extension of Oxford Street West of the Thames River, including Clearing and Grubbing, Earth Grading, sewers, watermain, road works, electrical infrastructure and environmental protection measures. Major quantities included approximately 215,000 m3 of stripping and earth grading for road construction, bridge abutments and SWM Ponds; 1,000 metres of sanitary sewers 200 to 600 mm in diameter; 2,300 metres of storm sewers and structures 300 to 825 mm in diameter and 1,200 metres of PVC watermain 400 to 600 mm in diameter with related appurtenances.


Fanshawe Park Road Bridge
City of London, Ontario - 1997–1998

Reconstruction and widening of Fanshawe Park Road from Louise Boulevard to Wonderland Road and  Wonderland Road for approximately 300 metres each side of the intersection. A new concrete bridge was constructed in phases and required driven piles for supporting the abutments. The environmental considerations for protecting the Meadway Creek watercourse and adjacent low lying areas were significant. The project included the construction of complete road infrastructure (sanitary and storm sewers, watermain, electrical poles, lighting and traffic signals) as well as a noise barrier wall, sidewalks and bikepaths. A total of 4,200 metres of concrete curb and gutter and approximately 15,000 tonnes of hot mix asphalt were required to complete the project.




Highbury Industrial Park
London, Ontario - 2006-2008

Servicing and grading works as required for the construction of two multi tenant commercial buildings (over 700,000 sq.ft.), associated underground services and parking facilities as well as the extension of a municipal road by approximately 200 metres.


Advanced Facility for Avian Research
University of Western Ontario - 2008

Excavation, backfill, site grading, servicing and granular base for an animal research building at the western boundary of the UWO campus. The existing soil did not meet the criteria of clean fill and had to be replaced with imported granular material. Due to a demanding schedule, the project was started in March. The site had been used previously as a parking lot. The asphalt surface and granulars below needed to be pulverized prior to removal as the ground was still frozen.


Replacement of Concrete Vaults - London District Energy
London, Ontario - 2006

Planning and Management of the removal and replacement of concrete chambers for 400 mm dia. steam Lines supplying energy to core buildings in downtown London. We faced three main challenges: a wide and deep open cut excavation amongst the many utilities in a downtown setting; constant traffic on a main arterial road, and time – there was an allowance of only 36 hours on a weekend to remove and replace two chambers, reconnect all piping and backfill the excavation.


Universal Forest Product
Thorndale, Ontario - 2004

Construction of site infrastructure and gravel area for a residential truss manufacturing plant. The project was a reconstruction of existing facilities due to total destruction by fire and had a very aggressive schedule and coordination component to allow for uninterrupted production. It was completed on schedule and within budget.


Sterling Truck Assembly Plant
St. Thomas, Ontario - 2003

Civil component of numerous plant expansions and modifications, including buildings, storm discharge monitoring structures, storm water management works, relocation of fire mains, roads and parking lots.




First CommerceWay Business Park
Woodstock, Ontario - 2006-2008

This project included the grading of a large parcel of commercial property in Woodstock, with an area of approximately 67 Ha. This development was intended for a number of box store type buildings (multi tenant commercial use) and therefore most of the fill had to be engineered to rigorous specifications to provide acceptable bearing for a number of possible building configurations and unknown loading applications. Specific compaction and placement techniques employed on this project included: scarifying previously compacted layers and addition of water; addition of additional and heavier compacting units as required from time to time; frequent geotechnical testing and monitoring.   


Deere Ridge Subdivision, Area Grading Contract, Phase 1, Phase 2
London, Ontario - 2004

Site grading for a residential subdivision in two separate phases including clearing of trees, stripping and stockpiling of all existing topsoil. Earth grading quantities were approximately 65,000 m3 for phase 1 and 45,000 m3 in phase 2. J-AAR was subsequently awarded the contract for the servicing contract for the Subdivision.




Lake Margaret Estates Subdivision, Phase 1, Phase 9
St. Thomas, Ontario - 2003, 2009

Construction of municipal services for different phases of a residential subdivision. In addition to the standard sanitary, storm and water mains and services, this project required a system of filtered drains and cleanouts to intercept groundwater infiltrating from adjacent Lake Margaret. The road surfaces were temporarily capped with recycled asphalt to allow ground settlements to take place prior to the placement of hot mix asphalt. Construction occurred during adverse weather conditions.


Northridge North Subdivision, Phase 3, Phase 4
London, Ontario - 2004, 2007

Servicing of a subdivision with approximately 40 residential lots in each phase. This project included stripping and stockpiling of the existing topsoil and earth grading of the site prior to the installation of services. Some of the subdivision sewers required major over sizing to allow for the conveyance of flows from lands upstream. Storm sewer sizes reached 1350 x 2100 mm. 


Lambeth Meadows Subdivision
London, Ontario - 2005

Construction of 125 lot subdivision in the southwest corner of London. In addition to local sewers and watermains, this project included oversized trunk sewers, SWM Ponds and headwalls and the widening of an existing road.  The Contract Schedule allowed for a start in late January, with roads completed to granular “B” stage by the end of April. Due to the mild winter and cohesive native clay material, some work was required during the colder nights in February to deliver the granular materials while the ground surface was frozen. The project was completed well ahead of schedule.


Deer Ridge Subdivision Servicing, Phase 1, Phase 2
London, Ontario - 2004

Construction of municipal services for two phase of a residential subdivision off of Sarnia Road. The trunk sewers were in excess of 9 metres in depth requiring precut of the native ground prior to installation by conventional methods. The project included construction of a regional Storm Water Management Facility.


Trafalgar Park Industrial Subdivision
London, Ontario - 2001

Servicing of a 23 ha. industrial site for the City of London. Sanitary sewers reached depths in excess of 8 meters. The largest storm sewer was 2250 mm in diameter. Two manhole structures were too large to be manufactured locally and had to be transported from Kingston. High water table was challenging on some sections of sewer installation.




Stoney Creek Stormwater Facility Pond 1N
London, Ontario - 2008–2009

Construction of a Stormwater Management Facility within a plan area of 35,000 m2. The work included the excavation and disposal of approximately 100,000 m3 of material. A number of sediment and erosion control measures were implemented during and after construction. Area enhancements included a turfstone access road, the extension of an asphalt bikepath and general landscaping.


Elma Landfill Upgrades
North Perth, Ontario - 2008-2009

Expansion of an existing 20 Ha landfill including clearing and grubbing, relocation of an existing watercourse, excavation and relocation of existing refuse, excavation and grading for a stormwater management pond, compost pad and new garbage cell. Construction of  approximately 24,000 m2 of gravel and asphalt surfaces and service areas. Project included the construction of two buildings, septic system and water supply well, weigh scale, instrumentation and electrical system.


W12 A Landfill Stormwater Management Ponds
City of London, Ontario - 2006, 2008

Construction of a two Stormwater Management Facilities within the City Landfill Site. The facilities required clearing and grubbing of the work area, construction of sediment forebays, erosion and quanlity control outlet structures, sluice gate control valves and miscellaneous storm sewer structures. Erosion control measures and landscaping were required to complete the project.


Landfill Gas Collection System
City of London, Ontario - 2003, 2009

Supply and installation of a methane gas collection system. The system included approximately 1,200 metres of HDPE fused pipe varying in size from 100 mm to 300 mm diameter. Numerous appurtenances such as well head assemblies and drain traps were installed as well. J-AAR Excavating completed two phases of this system, six years apart.


Waterloo Landfill, North Cell Expansion
Waterloo, Ontario - 2002

Construction of a new cell for the Waterloo Landfill! Project included rigorous specifications on the excavation, handling, placement and compaction of clay liner material (apprx, 215,000 m3). It also required special leachate collection stone and geotextile liners, HDPE leachate collection systems, temporary and permanent roads as well as miscellaneous temporary and drainage works.




London Hydro Facilities
London, Ontario - 2004-Present

Snow plowing and salt placement on main yard and other satellite locations within London.  All snow plowed is trucked and removed from the site.  Because this is an essential service to the client we must be readily available 24/7 including holidays.


Miscellaneous Clients
London, Ontario

Snow plowing, salt application as required on a number of properties (parking lots, shopping malls, storage yards, etc.). Often the properties are restricted for space and require trucking and disposal of the accumulated snow off site. We provide the trucks and disposal as well.




County of Oxford Administration Building
Woodstock, Ontario - 2007

Design, approvals, permits and construction of all sewers, drainage, water supply and grading for the site for the new administration building for the County of Oxford, on Peel Street in Woodstock. This was a LEED project and as such required innovation on processes and cooperation amongst all contractors and designers in order to attain the highest possible certification.


Sewer Repair, London Hydro
London, Ontario - 2006

Project management and overall coordination of design and construction teams for the removal of a building foundation pile from inside a 900 mm dia. sanitary trunk sewer. The sewer alignment was through the building footprint, 5 meters below the floor. The flow was always to full capacity, surcharging at times. The project required temporary evacuation and shoring of the building, implementation of bypass pumping for the sewer and constant monitoring of potential building displacement.


Toyota Boshuko Canada – Automotive Parts Plant
Woodstock, Ontario - 2006

Design, approvals, permits and construction of all sewers, drainage, water supply and site grading for a 9 ha site of an auto parts plant. This project included intensive coordination with the client, governing authorities and the City of Woodstock.  A significant component of the project was the excavation, handling and compaction of native suitable clay for the construction of an engineered fill mat capable of supporting a building with an area of 28,000 m2.